Sustainability Code Office

The Code Office is happy to answer any questions you may have about the reporting standard, including the review process, and will provide feedback and offers support in navigating the database. The Office also offers regular webinars on sustainability reporting.

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding registering and submitting your declaration or the checking process, please contact the Code Office at or on +49 (0)30-338424-888 Monday–Friday between 9am and 6pm.


The Code team offers webinars on a range of topics several times a year. These are free of charge and some are held with our partners. For information on upcoming webinars, please see our newsletter, our event calendar and our LinkedIn social media page.

The Sustainability Code community platform

The success of sustainable development in business and society is also largely dependent on solid, functioning networks as well as on the sharing of best practices, experiences and stumbling blocks. Many of our user companies already share their experiences in setting up sustainability management and/or with reporting using the Sustainability Code with the organisations they come into contact with. This kind of peer-to-peer learning is something we want to actively promote, and we have launched a new LinkedIn group to help us: “The German Sustainability Code community platform”.

This LinkedIn group is the natural continuation of our Code mentor network. We hope it will facilitate contact between new and more experienced user companies. Please feel free to share your experiences of implementing the Code, the biggest challenges you faced and the solutions you’ve found. Please do also ask questions and respond to queries from other users based on your experience.

Click here to join the LinkedIn group.

The bigger conversation

In the context of sustainability reporting, the Code Office is in constant contact with relevant stakeholder groups including chambers of industry and commerce, trade boards or associations. The Office puts on webinars and attends events across Germany to raise awareness of the German Sustainability Code and showcase the advantages the reporting standard has to offer.

Sustainability Code sector guides

A number of industry associations have developed sector-specific reporting supplements. These provide real-world guidance, including about key aspects and examples relating to the individual Code criteria.

While the guides are under development, the Code Office is happy to take part in stakeholder dialogue events on request where such events are planned by the relevant association. The guides are ultimately approved by the Code Office before they are published and publicised by the industry association.

One-to-one advice

To accommodate the demand from user companies for support, the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) has developed a Sustainability Code training concept. Companies and organisations can call on Code training partners to help them prepare, draft and finalise their declarations. These partners could be external consultancies, agencies or freelancers who operate (and charge) independently of the RNE.