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The German Council for Sustainable Development has developed a training concept to help undertakings apply the Sustainability Code.

Training Concept
Training Concept

In light of the EU Directive that will require undertakings, as of 2017, to divulge information on environmental, social, employee-related and anti-corruption matters, as well as on the issue of respect for human rights, there is an appreciable sense of insecurity among German undertakings. The so-called reporting obligation not only affects large undertakings but indirectly also small and medium-sized enterprises that frequently have little to no experience with sustainability reporting.
In order to meet the demand that undertakings have expressed for assistance in this area, the German Council for Sustainable Development has developed a training concept on how to use the Code. The following three event formats are available:
1.    Informational event on the Sustainability Code: presentation of how to apply the Code as a useful tool to begin the reporting process; practical examples; Code training concept.
2.    Code training: comprehensive preparation on how to compile a declaration of conformity with the Code, incl. individual criteria and performance indicators.
3.    Individual support provided to undertakings throughout every step in the process of compiling the declaration of conformity up to its publication stage.

The events are carried out by Code training partners with many years’ expertise with sustainability that have also undergone an extensive train-the-trainer course. A free “Code Toolbox” has been developed to ensure uniform implementation. The toolbox addresses matters relating to sustainability reporting, the EU reporting obligation and various standards, and equally provides a detailed introduction to the set of Code criteria. It also contains specific recommendations on how to use the Code, as well as examples from the field. Other supporting work sequences to help use the Code, brochures, and background information round off the toolbox package.

Upon request, the Code Team can provide a list of regional training partners for holding seminars and informational events. Where available, contact is established to a local undertaking already using the Code. These Code mentors provide an insight into how sustainability reporting works in practice and can answer questions based on their first-hand experience.
Are you interested in attending a Code event, would you like to become a Code training partner or Code mentor yourself? Then please e-mail us at team(at)