Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel

The Sustainability Code allows companies to demonstrate to investors and consumers their commitment to sustainability in a way that is transparent, comparable and thus clear. I believe that this concept is compelling, because the Code has also attracted great interest in Europe, beyond the borders of Germany. If we lead by example, this would be one way of strengthening the European dimension.

Federal Chancellor Dr Angela Merkel at the Annual Conference of the Council for Sustainable Development on 2 June 2014

Chrysoula Exarchou

When we published the Greek Sustainability Code in early 2016, we were very interested to see what the response would be in Greece – we are delighted with the attention the issue has gathered as well as the intensive discussions that have been triggered within Greek businesses, professional associations, banks and indeed the Athens stock exchange. In the final analysis, it is not reporting that is in the spotlight, but the question of the economic viability of Greek businesses which is inextricably connected with the question of national sustainability issues.

Chrysoula Exarchou, CEO QualityNet Foundation, The Greek Sustainability Code, Greece

Richard Howitt

The European reporting requirement on non-financial performance offers a major opportunity for companies to move to integrated reporting. That is why coherence and connectability of standards for reporting on non-financial performance are central milestones, in order to give companies the security to act. I value the International Integrated Reporting Council's collaboration with the Sustainability Code as a reporting framework covering the relevant thematic areas in a marketable manner, giving companies a sound basis towards good and integrated reporting.

Richard Howitt, CEO International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC)

Alexander Schindler

Die Einführung der CSR-Berichtpflicht ist ein sehr wichtiges Signal, dass Nachhaltigkeitsberichterstattung nicht mehr nur eine Kür ist, sondern zu den Pflichten professioneller Unternehmensführung und -kommunikation gehört. Der DNK bringt wesentliche Nachhaltigkeitsaspekte in systematischer und doch kurzer Form auf den Punkt. Das hilft Investoren dabei, diese für das Risikomanagement ihrer Vermögensanlagen effizient zu nutzen.

Alexander Schindler, Mitglied des Vorstandes der Union Asset Management Holding AG

Christian Strenger

The German Sustainability Code is an instrument that can be used by companies of all kinds of legal form to achieve transparency on sustainability and enables quality comparisons to be made. With the right framework, the Code will have a clearly positive impact on the capital markets and on all stakeholders.

Christian Strenger, Supervisory Board Member at DWS Investment, Fraport, TUI