10.03.2015 | RNE-News

The Sustainability Code and Deutsche Börse Group now official Cooperation Partners

As of now, Deutsche Börse Group is directly linked to the database of the Sustainability Code via the Group’s online portal for private investors (www.boerse-frankfurt.de). The Code likewise presents Deutsche Boerse Group as an official cooperation partner.

In taking this step, Deutsche Boerse Group is thus demonstrating its open support for the work undertaken by the German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) and its reporting standard, the Sustainability Code. At the same time, it is broadening the information service for its stakeholders. The Code enhances the corporate reporting process by including relevant, non-financial information, most notably in respect of the environmental, social and corporate governance. The database contains declarations of conformity from companies that apply the Code.

RNE’s central task is to establish and advance the concept of sustainability in business and society, underscores Prof. Dr. Guenther Bachmann, General Secretary of the Council. “So, we are all the more delighted that Deutsche Boerse Group, a central actor at the very heart of the capital market, has chosen to enter into this cooperation partnership with us.”

Deutsche Boerse views this broadening of its partnership with the Sustainability Code as a “wholly logical step for us”, says Frank Klaas, Managing Director Global Public Affairs at Deutsche Boerse Group. “On the one hand, we want to be forward-thinking and responsible in everything our company does. With this in mind, we factor social, ethical and ecological aspects into our corporate decision-making. As an organizer of integral and secure capital markets, on the other hand, we feel that we have a duty and obligation to promote the transparency and standardization of sustainability information.”

These days, companies are not solely measured on the basis of economic criteria such as profit, but increasingly on the contributions that they make towards social development in line with the environment and ethical principles, adds Julia Taeschner, Head of Corporate Responsibility of Deutsche Boerse Group. She also believes that greening the economy is not the only area of significance: “Effective communication on what achievements have been made is equally important. The Sustainability Code provides useful guidance here.”

Deutsche Boerse Group has been issuing declarations of conformity with the Code ever since 2011 in order to document its sustainability performance and provide transparency and comparability. Since this time, it has fully complied with the requirements of the code. Moreover, the company joined the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative (SSE) in 2014. Launched by the UN Secretary-General, this initiative aims to raise the levels of transparency and commitment among listed companies in respect of environmental and social issues as well as good corporate governance and to make the capital market aware of these issues.

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