19.06.2014 | RNE-News

"Skip the German" – The German Sustainability Code is now "The Sustainability Code"

In the international context, the Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) will, in the future, only speak of the "Sustainability Code" and will dispense with the adjective "German" in its logo and in texts. "In discussions at the European level, this description has proven to be a restraint – even though the Sustainability Code has shown itself to be internationally compatible," said Yvonne Zwick, Project Manager at the RNE's office.

The partnership with the Greek QualityNet Foundation, the repeated mention of the Code by EU Commissioner Michel Barnier, as well as the initial declarations of conformity from other European countries have confirmed that the Sustainability Code may come from Germany, but does not have to be limited to this country alone.

To emphasize the ability of the Sustainability Code to link up with the forthcoming EU regulation on the transparency obligation, the RNE is in the process of updating the Sustainability Code, in collaboration with companies and associations. The revision is triggered by the new G4 sustainability reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.

This process also incorporates experience from practical application: redundancies in criteria and performance indicators will be removed and the requirements expressed, on the whole, more precisely. European dialogue partners communicate the need for openness with regard to the verification of the declarations of conformity by third parties if they are to be used as reliable sources of information for the development of a sustainability index.

Zwick holds out the following prospect: "The aim is that, with the revised draft, we shall meet the demands of the new name." The updated Sustainability Code should be available in September 2014.

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