08.08.2014 | RNE-News

RNE publishes revised Sustainability Code

The German Council for Sustainable Development (RNE) has passed as resolution the revised German Sustainability Code as updated on 04 August 2014. Two and a half years after its launch, the transparency standard was put to the test and fundamentally revised. The initial for the update are changes in one of the applied Sustainability Code reporting schemes: The Global Reporting Initiative has recently published to the fourth generation of its guidelines. Changes were made in the indicators and reporting requirements, that are now reflected in the Sustainability Code. In the review experiences made in the practical application of the Code have been incorporated - of companies as well as the office of the German Sustainability Council. Redundancies were eliminated and requirements on declarations of conformity clarified.

The RNE reaffirms with updating the Sustainability Code his goal to advance the concept of sustainability and to make sustainability performance of companies transparent and comparable. German companies apply the Sustainability Code on a voluntary basis. The EU Commission has named the German Sustainability Code as a possible standard for compliance with European obligation to non-financial reporting by companies with more than 500 employees that are of public interest. The adoption of the Directive in the Council of ministers is still pending and expected in September 2014. Translations of the Sustainability Code in English and French will be published end of August. A new edition of the booklet is scheduled for October 2014 and will be available in German and English.

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