To fulfill the Sustainability Code, companies are required to draft a declaration of conformity covering the twenty criteria and the complementing key performance indicators.

1 Project Group

Form a project group comprising every department in your company. Go through the criteria and determine where data is missing and who could supply such data.

2 Declaration of conformity

Compile all the information of relevance to the Sustainability Code. Selected indicators from the wide set of indicators from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) and, wherever appropriate, indicators added with regard to industry-specific circumstances are the key to understanding the business field and the particular challenges with regard to sustainable development. Companies decide whether to report on the basis of the KPIs of the GRI or EFFAS. However they decide, they should continue on this basis throughout the Code. It is also possible to add voluntarily sector-specific indicators.

3 Database

In order to submit a declaration of conformity you must register with the Sustainability Code database. Select your user name and password. Afterwards you will receive an email for the purpose of verifying your account. Once registration has been completed, you can begin creating your company profile in the Sustainability Code database. You can edit it at any time, add additional editors and create new reporting years. Find assistance in the brochure "The Sustainability Code – Benchmarking sustainable economy". In addition, the following industry-specific supplements are published:

4 Review by the office of the German Council for Sustainable Development

Once this is complete, the declaration will be reviewed by the office of the German Council for Sustainable Development. This involves verifying the content- related references as well as publicising the declaration following consultation with the reporting parties. Please check if your declaration is complete by using one of the following checklists:

5 Using the declaration

Now you may use the declaration of conformity for your own corporate communications. The Sustainability Code signet can be included on your website, in brochures and in emails, among other things. You can issue a press release or inform your customers and/or commissioning partners and suppliers of the declaration of conformity personally.

Companies that are already reporting in line with the Sustainability Code can enhance their business profile through EcoVadis assessment and vice versa. Unlike the CSR-Framework of The Code, EcoVadis is a third-party CSR rating solution. Nevertheless, there is a significant overlap between the CSR topics covered by the Sustainability Code and the EcoVadis Rating. It is for this reason that The Sustainability Code and EcoVadis published a practical guide. This makes it easier for companies to take steps further, no matter if they want to build up a supply change management after their CSR-reporting or vice versa.